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Tax Planning for Limited Companies
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Limited Company Financial Accounts for the year ended 31/12/20XX I have now completed the work of bringing forward all balances at 01/01/2014 in preparation of completing the financial accounts to 31/12/2015 It is better if I can begin the work … Read More

Tax Planning for the Rich and Famous
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I remember that at the time I was studying to be an accountant the lecturer in tax asked the question “do we want a Labour or Conservative party in government as accountants/tax advisers? Of course, we all put up our … Read More

Property and stamp duty and capital gains tax
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Good morning to you. Qu:  ‘Because 2 of my flats are valued at £160k each, will there be a stamp duty fee on the transfer, even though no actual cash is being given by my wife to me for this … Read More

Start-Ups/Borrowing Costs/Tax Issues
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A perennial dilemma for all new start-ups. Your question really boils down to the best and most efficient way to borrow (when funds are in short supply) and without personal liability. You are not yet a client and so you … Read More

Limited Company vs Sole Trader
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Email Out: 05 January 2011 (I enclose further details for you to read about my services). This is an old chestnut and let me say there is never an absolute answer to the very best trading vehicle. Sometimes it is … Read More

Construction Industry
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So, I am busy completing accounts for a sole trader in the construction industry. The trader must present hard copy Construction Workers Guild statements (now used instead of the traditional voucher system)as these show guild margin (their profit and at … Read More

Retirement Pensions
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So, your accountant has told you that don’t form a limited company because it’s more tiresome to run /manage and guess what? I am doing you a favour he says “it’s gonna cost you more money! Well, in this series … Read More

Eastern European Traders (2)
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Do all Revenue & Customs inspectors live on the real world? Can the Human Rights Act be applicable in the stratified world of tax and tax legislation? What about the law of equity and its application in the field of … Read More

Eastern European Traders
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To all Traders and Accountants Ever dealt with or represented an Eastern European client or clients? Well, I do. I was recently approached by a trader and asked to prepare his accounts and tax return 2008. “Not difficult,” I thought. … Read More

Mini Budget
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Road Tax Does anybody understand this new TAX regime? I have just been reading the Daily Mail article today and I am none the wiser. I am sure the author has made a valiant attempt to explain (why not) but … Read More

Student Loans
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Another minefield. Ever applied for one? The whole system is designed for our kids to get almost nothing. We know. Assessed on the parents but not payable to the kids. Complete form PN1 (found on student finance direct) and only … Read More

Books and Records
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So you are a sole trader and you are going to take a chance (measured, I hope) and prepare your own self assessment accounts and file at HM Revenue & Customs? Very brave in my opinion. Let me explain why. … Read More