Companies House Numbers/Directors

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Want another reason to be a Limited Company.
I trade as David Barry & Company Ltd. Company Number: 03562601
Sounds good. Sounds impressive. It is. Want to do a search on me and find out my “vital statistics? Easy. Go online at Companies House and find out who are the shareholders, directors, company secretary and the what is the company structure: that is the ownership and officers of the company. A very important exercise to do if thinking about trading through a limited company.
Want to find out about the balance sheet i.e. what assets the company has:/look at the trading accounts, then go online at Companies House and find out the trading results and financial position (that is the balance sheet) for the past five years. Very, very important.
Yes, limited companies are difficult. They are expensive but I hope that I have proved to you in this short series of articles that there are useful benefits to trading with this structure.
Want another. The opportunity of writing a director’s report that gives to any likely investor the opportunity to examine what the company is trying to do, its results and dividend policy: and what it hopes to achieve in the future. A very, very underrated document and one that should be prepared with great care. Make it readable and informative. Very important as Tax inspectors read it.

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