Limited Company Costs (3)

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The following are notes sent to a client about the costs of company structure procedure and registering for vat.
Email Out: 24 March 2010
Hi client
I hope that this email finds you in good health.
Without CAC codes for each company then the registered office addresses for each company can only be completed by hand. Eleven forms (must check the registered office address for each company on the register) must be downloaded filled in signed by you and posted out to Companies House.
This why the CAC codes are so important.
We can have a meeting during Easter time to complete the following:
1. Establish which companies are/are not registered at your home address.
2. Apply for these CAC codes.
3. Have you sign each form not registered at your home address and post out to Register of Companies to change the registered office address.
If you would like to give me written instructions to complete all the above on your behalf then fees payable are £11 for each company totalling £11 times 11 companies equals £121.
To apply for a VAT number on client LTD you must first complete a full company search at the Registrar of Companies incorporated on 20 October 2009.
4. Who are the directors/company secretaries?
5. What is the registered office?
6. What is the authorised/issued share capital of the company?
7. To whom have the shares been issued?
8. What number of shares have been issued?
9. What is the nature of the trade, as entered into the memorandum and articles of association.
10. Additionally I need your written explanation of why the company must be registered for vat?
11. Expected present/future turnover of the company?
12. Moreover the vat form must be signed by you and it also takes at least 3-4 weeks to obtain the vat number.
13. For all new companies applying for vat the returns must file returns online and pay online. I can supply details of this procedure in due course.
If you would like to give me written instructions to complete then fees payable are £80 (including all costs) ( but excluding costs of a full company search) including filing the completed form at Revenue and Customs all photocopies and all subsequent correspondence in order to obtain the vat number. I estimate 3 hours in total.
Total payable would be £121 + £80 = £200.
Please tell me if the above meets with your complete satisfaction as I always believe that a happy client is a loyal client.

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