Limited Company Series

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I hope that this email finds you in good health.
I hope that you have found our meeting of use to you and my considered advice that it is not wise to have 25 limited companies all at the same time.
I do understand that this is tempting but it becomes very difficult to manage as you have 25 filing dates for annual returns and another 25 for the accounts and with the fines in the armoury of both Revenue and Customs and Companies House both becomes an area that to avoid.
The property companies should be kept separate from the trading companies and you should advise which ones you wish to keep open. “” if you click on this link you will see that now you have a security code (you need this to log into your account) and the next thing is to have an authentication code which can only be sent out in the post to the registered office. Please note that you will have separate authentication codes for each company and will therefore total 25 unless you enter into separate correspondence with Companies House (by post only and cumbersome) and ask for one authentication code for all which is however a very cumbersome thing to achieve.
Once you have authentication codes for each you can log in yourself and file annual returns for each company. However for each company spend sometime noting down the shareholders share distribution appointment of directors secretary and registered office.
Have you also contacted Revenue and Customs to find out for each company if company forms 41G (can be downloaded from their site) have been completed and sent? It is important to Revenue and Customs as it gives them the full company structure registered office names of directors their national insurance numbers dates of incorporation company numbers and trading (start) of trade.
If you wish for any company to be struck off then do it now by downloading  and completing forms DS01 (from Companies House website) complete and send off with individual cheques for £10 made payable to Companies House.
I do not wish to put you off having all 25 companies (if this is what you want) but if so charges for compliance are high but I can guide you through the learning curve but only if you want.
I wait for your instructions.

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