State Earnings Related Benefits

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The knee-jerk reactions to yesterdays headline that public sector pensions cost us £47,000 each is to say abolish them. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There is no fund for paying public-sector pensions; the money comes from future taxes. If we … Read More

Paye from 2010-2011

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Below is an article written to a client regarding the new payee rules from 2010-2011 My responsibilities are to keep and complete a wages card for you for the new year form 06 April 2010 to 05 April 2011 but … Read More

Renting out your Property/Drive

with No Comments Comment: This is a well documented primary (for some) secondary source of income. Can be very, very useful for some. Lists all useful websites for this trade. Some of the tax rates are changed, though. Please get in touch … Read More

Newly Self Employed

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Thank you for your telephone call and your corresponding email. I am very glad that you have decided to join my practice as a client and I will try and give you the best service that I possibly can. You … Read More

Start-Ups and the Newly Self Employed

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Hello new client and I hope that this email finds you in good health. I found our meeting informative and the following are my conclusions. Co-operative Complicated but this can be a limited company. It must have its own business … Read More

Self Employed 10 April 2010

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Email Out: 09 April 2010 We agreed that the best business structure for you was as self-employed. Please go online at before the end of the three month period in order to avoid a £100 penalty which is the law. … Read More

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