Personal Tax Planning

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Personal Tax Planning/Payee/VAT/Corporation Tax/HMRC/Companies House Personal Tax Planning Personal Tax Return Forms At some stage I will need to correspond with HMRC regarding your personal tax affairs to include allocating best your personal allowances, making sure that your personal tax … Read More

HMRC Enquiry

with No Comments “The Court of Appeal recently upheld the verdict against a small-time tax cheat who was hit with confiscation proceedings for more than £700,000 and the threat of a four-year prison sentence.’s experts discuss the implications.” David Winch this … Read More

Property Lettings

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I have a note from you that you would like me to contact you with further information and I am delighted so to do. I also enclose a comprehensive list of what can be claimed together with a pro forma … Read More

Corporation Tax/Company House

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LIMITED COMPANY GROUP CORPORATION TAX/COMPANY HOUSE PLANNING Group Structure: Main purpose is if companies have different shareholders so that profits/losses/salaries/dividends are shared among different shareholders. Group structures are fine and I set up many of these.  However, these are costly … Read More

Raising Finance

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David Barry writes about being a business mentor for start-ups and on-going businesses and surviving the recession. David Barry writes: When times are good and clients are making money the accountants’ role is to advise on their traditional services like … Read More

Company Formations

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‘There’s a business in everyone. What is the business in you?’ David Barry will complete all company procedures on your behalf consisting of the following: Find a company name from the Companies House database of names. Appoint director(s)/ shareholders of … Read More

Tax Rates & Taxable Bands

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Income Tax Allowances Table Income Tax Allowances 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Personal Allowance(basic) £6,035 £6,475 £6,475 Personal allowance reduced by 50% £100,000 Personal Allowance for people aged 65-74 (1) £9,030 £9,490 £9,490 Personal Allowance for people aged 75 and over (1) … Read More

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